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You’re a go-getter business owner with a vision so volcanic it scares you sometimes. You have so many bold and brilliant ideas bubbling inside of you, ready to break the rules, start a movement, and change the world. 

You’ve been in the entrepreneurial game a few years, you're making good shit happen and making good money, but you know you're only scratching the surface of your success.

To become your audience’s favourite obsession, you need to turn all that inner brilliance into a cohesive brand that's strategically and creatively designed to elevate both your revenue and your recognition.

Warning: you may get a reputation. Oh wait, that’s exactly what you want.

Available Products


Time to take your power back and turn it into a brand that communicates your ballsy brilliance and perfectly positions you for profit + prestige

The Power of Brand Marketing [MASTERCLASS]

Discover why your brand is more important now than ever, and why the idea that people don’t want to hear from you, or buy from you, right now is just not true! [Part of the Brand Together Series]

Brand Clarity & Confidence [MASTERCLASS]

Everything starts with clarity. Join Dee and uncover the clarity your brand needs to attract your perfect customers with confidence.

Brand Starter System (training + templates)

Your get started NOW brand kit for creating scroll stopping graphics online. Let’s leverage your unique superpowers and imperfections and present them in a way that causes instant obsession.  **DESIGN TEMPLATES INCLUDED**

Brand Refection [Private Session]

Your brand is the fastest, most strategic, and most creative way to turn your big-ass vision into binge-worthy visuals that create brag-worthy results. The best brands are built on you, ALL of you, so let's hold up the mirror and find out who you really are.


  • 121 Brand Review Session
  • Reflection & Action Guide
  • Next Steps check-in call
  • One-Month Feedback & Support

COMING SOON [Group Program]

Your brand is created at the intersection of smart strategy and daring design. For massive impact, you need both. Smart strategy ensures you connect with your ideal clients in their brains. Daring design ensures you connect with your ideal clients in their hearts. And as I’m sure you know, buying decisions are made on the back of logic and emotion. 


Your get started NOW kit for designing ad creatives that captivate and convert. Includes; ad creative workshop & design templates for Facebook & Instagram


507 Design Templates to use with; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Opt-In Products, Web Headers, Blog Posts, Creating Digital Product Graphics++ PLUS MemberVault Product Graphics ++

MV Design Templates [FREE GIFT]

Get your MemberVault account branded in minutes with these MV specific design templates. Yours FREE as my affiliate gift to you when you join MemberVault through this link.

Simple join MV via this link then email: and we'll get you sorted with your templates

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